Chesterfield S.A. is a Uruguayan company set up in 1965, traditionally engaged in providing technical support to aeronautical companies, has incorporated new solution areas with the goal to provide their customers with a complete service, including installation, maintenance and technical support of telecommunication, computer and network equipment.

Our team of technicians trained locally and internationally, together with the tailored technical support and personalised treatment we offer, allow us to accompany our customers in their daily tasks, ensuring solutions that suit their needs, enormous value is placed on both customer relationship and customer loyalty.

We are an organization committed to excellence, professionalism and service, we value our human capital and continuous improvement as key assets and integral pillars of our management.

Since its foundation and to the present, CHF has provided maintenance and technical support to aeronautical telecommunications networks, multinacional technology companies and to airlines operating in our country.

We performed CUTE installation in Uruguay international airports (Montevideo and Punta del Este) and we have been providing maintenance and technical support to this system since 1992 on a 24/7 basis.

We also give support in border control hardware and data transmission.


*Installation, maintenance and technical support of telecommunication network equipment

*Installation, administration and maintenance of datacenters, Wan/Lan/Wlan networks and data concentrators Cisco and Riverbed, installation and maintenance of VHF wireless communication equipment (Aircom)

*Installation, administration and maintenance of airport check-in systems (Cute 7)

*Installation, administration and maintenance of kiosks (self-check-in)

*Maintenance and technical support of servers, personal computers and standard/specific printers

*Installation and administration of software, standard operating systems, remote access and corporate applications

*Project management

*Border security: local project management, maintenance and installation of hardware

*Logistics and storage of equipment and spare parts in own warehouse